Dazzle with effects

QCM offers a wide range of specialties for printers looking to exceed customer expectations. Our specialty inks give any printer (manual or automatic) the tools to create great art and amazing prints to bring out the best of your creativity and imagination.


GL “Glitter Inks” are made with QCM high performance clear glitter base for effortless printing and high brightness through 40 TPI (15 TP cm) mesh screens; each color is also available in powder for sprinkle or dry print applications

Precious Metal Inks

MTL “Precious Metal Inks” are bright, opaque, metallic plastisol screen printing inks that add pop to your design as either as accent or as a color replacement to jazz up an old design

Base Inks

QCM offers a wide variety of bases, giving the printer more freedom of choice and helping to minimize inventory

Four-Color Process Inks

QCM’s well-known 4C Process inks are highly suitable for accurate and consistent 4-color process designs


Precious Metal Inks

Bases and Four-Color Process Inks


QCM Standard Color Card

QCM offers a wide range high opacity screen printing inks designed to set printers up for success 

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