Special modifiers and additives

Rutland special modifiers and additives were formulated to work with Rutland screen printing inks and mixing systems to allow the textile screen printer to adjust inks to meet specific application needs. Our comprehensive system of modifiers and additives includes flame retardants, thickeners, viscosity reducers, a process extender base, tack-free additive, fiber bond, and quick flash.

Primer Clear – Rutland Primer Clear is a great extender, reducing viscosity for a great hand and improving the flow of the ink without affecting flash time. It can also be used as a mixing base with the Rutland C3 color booster mixing system to provide waterbased ink properties to plastisol inks.

Curable Viscocity Reducers – Rutland's viscosity reducers contain resin, and thus are curable, but will not compromise the film ink resistance.

Dulling Paste – Rutland dulling paste is recommended to achieve a matte finish (2-3%) and to reduce tack. If used in a ratio 10%, it will provide a suede effect to the ink.

Spand-E-Sol Clear – Rutland Spand-E-Sol clear ink is recommended to increase stretch. It can be used as an underbase before printing colors, or as an additive to ready-for-use inks to provide stretch.

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Rutland low cure inks are non-phthalate ready-for-use color inks comprised of two barriers, one white ink, one black ink and 28 brilliant colors

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