Creating great art and amazing prints with bold dimension and flair

Rutland has been an innovator in special effects inks that the ever-evolving apparel industry demands. These inks are optimized to give both manual and automatic printers the tools to create unique and dynamic prints that set them apart from the competition or to re-create a style the market demands.


Endurance inks and base give you durable prints with high elasticity, while enabling printers to lower cure temperature, better resisting dye migration.


Blacklight, gel, high density, stretch, soft primer, adhesive clear inks and base inks. 


Gold and silver gel and mirror style metallic plastisol inks for a variety of high luster metallic effects that are compatible with the Rutland C3 color system.


Gold and silver glitter flakes, and sparkle bases designed to enhance the look of glitter flakes.

Soft Density

Soft density inks are designed to give dimension and texture to prints. These inks offer a softer, more pliable ink deposit than traditional high density inks when printing thick, die-cut style designs. 


Clear and metallic gels that provide excellent edge definition for a 3D look and maximum gloss.


Transparent process inks are designed for four-color CMYK-style printing.

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