Protect sensitive garments

Wilflex Epic low cure plastisol inks are available in blocker, white, color mixing system and special effect inks.

Epic Armor LC Blocker

Dye migration blocker for polyesters, available in black and gray

Performance LC White Ink

Combines low cure, low bleed chemistry with stretch for polyester

Polywhite LC Ink

Maximum opacity and bleed protection white for polyester

Top Score LC White Ink

Mainstream polyester white ink for printing in combination with Top Score LC Colors

Single LC White Ink

Universal white reduces the need to customize whites for different substrates 

Bolt LC White Ink

Versatile low cure white with premium performance for poly-blends

Shock LC White Ink

Versatile low cure white with premium performance for 100% cottons

Top Score LC Colors

Popular standard athletic colors with low bleed and high opacity for direct printing onto polyester

Epic Rio Mixing Colors

Flagship mixing system producing vibrant, accurate Pantone® simulations

Epic LC Base 2321

Low cure mixing base for Pantone® simulations

Top Score LC Base 2325

Low cure, low bleed mixing base for polyester printing

Epic Fashion Soft Base

Simulate waterbase inks and produce an ultra soft feel with the ability to penetrate and become an integral part of the fabric

Wilflex™ Epic Rio RFU Standard Colors

33 industry popular, flexible cure inks.


Low curing temperature of 270°F (132°C)

Dye migration blocking properties

Smooth, soft hand base layer

Printer friendly viscosity


Wilflex Flex Cure Portfolio - Product Bulletin (English)

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