Selecting the right white ink

When it comes to white inks, there is no “magic in a bucket.” Different applications or fabrics will require different whites, which is why Wilflex™ offers a wide variety of white ink products to ensure you can always find the right ink to fill your needs. 

When you look for a white ink to fulfill your needs, it is a good practice to ask specific questions to help determine which white is most appropriate!

Wilflex Epic Performance LC White (Polyester)

Excellent bleed resistance with ultra-stretch properties for use on polyester

Wilflex Epic PolyWhite LC (Polyester)

Excellent bleed resistance and high opacity for use on polyester

Wilflex Epic Top Score LC White (Polyester)

Mainstream polyester white for printing with Wilflex Epic Top Score LC colors

Wilflex Epic Single LC White (Polyester)

Universal white ink helps reduce the need to customize ink for different substrates

Wilflex Epic Sprint White

Maintream cotton white

Wilflex Epic Shock LC White

Low cure cotton white

Wilflex Epic Echo Cotton White

Cotton white that resists hot shear-down and provides good value for contract printers

Wilflex Epic Bright Tiger White

Trusted creamy bright white primarily used for manual printing onto blends

Wilflex Epic Quick White

Go-to opaque white with soft-hand and creamy texture that helps to speed production for blends

Wilflex Epic Bolt LC White

Versatile white ink with low cure capability for blended fabrics

Wilflex Epic Amazing Bright White

Robust white ink with great press stability for blended fabrics

Wilflex Epic Max White

Maximum opacity white ink that helps to provide a full white finish on blended fabrics

Wilflex Epic Echo LB White

Resists hot shear-down on blended fabrics and provides good low-bleed value for contract printers


Wilflex - Chemical Test Report - Lead and Phthalate

Bureau Veritas lead and phthalate test report

Wilflex - Okeo-Tex® Eco Passport Certificate

Valid Through April 3, 2021

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