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Avient Specialty Inks is a leading global manufacturer of screen printing inks for the textile industry and of specialty inks for industrial applications. With our eight brands, Wilflex™, Rutland™, Zodiac™, Union Ink™, Printop™, MagnaColours®, QCM™, and Avient Specialty Inks we are recognized as a leader in our markets with a deep focus on quality, innovation, and customer service.

Our Wilflex and Rutland brands first emerged in the early 1960s, when screen printing on T-shirts was gaining popularity for self-expression, affording us global recognition, and allowing us to develop products making the screenprinting process easier, more attractive and more profitable. The addition of the Zodiac, Union, Printop, QCM, MagnaColours, and Avient Specialty Inks brands allowed us to further continue our focus to become an innovative leader in specialty inks.



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The IMS 3.0 system was developed to better support screen printing ink color system solutions.

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