Compliance Support and Documentation

Printers and brands rely on our brands to supply important documentation from compliance to certifications and other conformity requests. Whether you are printing for a soccer team or a multi-national brand, we have the information you need to communicate regulatory conformity to your employees and customers.

A brief overview of each document is below and is available to download from our Resource Center.

Eco Passport Certificate

The Eco-Passport is a certification system for products used in the textile industry, which are examined for suitability for use in the manufacture of Oeko-Tex Standard 100 ecological textiles and is available for the Wilflex Epic product range.

Avient Regulatory Compliance Statements

Our Compliance statements are updated annually at a minimum, and provide statements of conformity to many Global Chemical Restrictions for our products from raw material review, third party testing, supplier, and formulation analysis to support our compliance when used in accordance with the provisions outlined in the individual Product Information Bulletin (PIB). These are available for each of our brands.

Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA)

The Consumer Product Safety Act was amended in 2008 to protect the United States’ public from unreasonable risks of injury or death from thousands of types of consumer products under the agency’s jurisdiction. The CPSIA established enforcement tools for addressing concerns of Lead and Phthalate content, toy safety, third-party testing and certification, imports, just to name a few.  Annual test reports are available on most products across all Avient Specialty Inks brands. CPSIA restrictions have been incorporated into the Zodiac™ restricted substance list (RSL).

Restricted Substance List

The Zodiac™ restricted substance list was developed to meet the stringent substance compliance requirements outlined by industry-leading brands. This list was designed to consolidate and simplify compliance information from multiple brands into a single document for printer reference.

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Wilflex - Regulatory Conformity Statement

Guidelines based on information from our suppliers, testing data, formulation analysis and internal audits

Rutland 2020 Compliance Statement

This document covers Rutland Screen Print Inks that have the following product designations (collectively, Covered Products): C3, CA, CA2, CC, CS, EA, EB, EC, EG, EH, EL, EM, EN, EP, ER, ES, EV, EW, LC, M3, RS, RW, SE, SX, VP, and WS, and the additive M00010.

Zodiac - Restricted Substances List

Zodiac compliance document with listing of restricted substances

Union Ink 2020 Compliance Statement

This document covers the Union Screen Print plastisol and water base inks with the following designations: 3DSE, ATHP, DSPCH, DSPP, FOIL-E9211, HALE, LBMX, MACC, MITE, MIXE, MIXV, NPSU, NYBE, PADE, PADV, PAGE, PATE, PATV, PFTR, PLAE, PLFE, PLFX-E9013, PLFX-E9040, PLHE, PLPE, PLRE-9000, PLUE, PLUM-E9080, PLUV, PRPE, PTHF, PUFS- E9111, REFE, UPLC, and UNSE.

QCM 2020 Compliance Statement

This document covers QCM™ Screen Print products with the following designations: AP, ATP, AX, DIS, DP, GL, MF, LFP, MTL, P5, PERM, QMX, QP, RD55, STR, TSP, WOW and XOLB.

Wilflex General EHS Conformity Statement 2020 - 2021

Wilflex General EHS Conformity Statement 2020 - 2021

Uniglaze 2020 Compliance Statement

This document covers the Union Uniglaze Epoxy Inks, Catalysts, and Solvents with the following designations: UGLZ.

Best of Brands 2020 Compliance Statement

This document covers the Best of Brands Screen Print Inks with product designations: BA, BB, BC, BL, BM, BS, and BW.