Classic, Reliable, and Unique

Union Ink™ is dedicated to providing a broad range of innovative and inspired screen printing inks with high opacity mixing systems.

The Brand

For more than 90 years, Union Ink™ has continued to develop new products to meet the exacting demands of the screen printers. Union Ink is a leading brand in the screen print industry with the development of highly opaque, unique plastisol inks for manual and automatic printers alike.


Ink Types

Union Ink™ White Inks

White inks for printing on cotton, poly-cotton blends, nylon, and polyester

Union Ink™ Mixing Systems

Mix to hundreds of Pantone®-simulated colors 

Union Ink™ Ready-For-Use Colors

Popular industry colors with flexible cure options

Union Ink™ Bleed Blockers & Extenders

Fight against dye migration and increase ink volume

Union Ink™ Transfer Inks

Hot split, hot peel, and cold peel transfers