The Next Generation of Eco-Conscious Inks

Zodiac™ eco-conscious inks have been developed to meet the sustainability demands of the consumer without compromising the performance and durability expectations of the printer.

The Brand

Each product line in the Zodiac™ water based and silicone ranges are supported by the IMS 3.0 Pantone® Color-Matching System and are compliant with the Avient Specialty Inks Zodiac™ Restricted Substance List (RSL) which ensure each formulation meets the compliance standard of major brands.

Complete ink portfolios

System of soft base, discharge, high solids, high mesh, special effect, digital hybrid, pigment concentrate and toner and special effect silicone inks

ink pattern
Extensive range of special effect inks

Effects include suede base, foil binder, foil resist, reflective, pearl, glitter, metallic, brittle base and more

screenshot of software
IMS 3.0 Formulation software support

Integrates with our cloud-based solution for managing color and inventory in the textile screen printing market

purple ink splash
Brand RSL compliant

Meets the stringent substance compliance requirements outlined by industry-leading brands


Ink Types

Explore the Collection

Zodiac™ Aquarius™ Water Based Inks

Extensive range of special effect ink and universal pigment system designed for enhanced on-press performance

Zodiac™ Libra™ Silicone Inks

Comprehensive portfolio of ready-for-use, pigment concentrates and bases with high stretch capability

Zodiac™ Taurus™ Non-PVC Plastisol Inks

Broad system of bases, modifiers, additives, ready-for-use (RFU) colors and specialty inks free of formaldehyde and alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEO).