Customize your inks

QCM special modifiers and additives were formulated to work with QCM screen print inks to enable screen printers to adjust standard inks to meet specific application needs. 

Bonding Agent

Use the NF-66 Nylon Bonding Agent is an additive designed to promote adhesion to nylon shell substrates.

Curable Reducer

The P-5011 Curable Reducer can be added to any QCM plastisol ink to reduce ink viscosity.

Softee Base

The WOW-1015 is a super soft, build-up free mixing base designed specifically for wet-on-wet printing where a soft print finish is desired. This base dramatically improves the wet-on-wet printability and to revive old or cakey inks. It can be added to your ready-for-use ink if a softer hand is needed. 

Ink Types

Bonding agents

Curable reducers

QCM Color Card

QCM Color Card

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