White inks for every occasion

QCM white inks are ideal for high opacity, maximum coverage inks, and may be used as stand-alone inks or bases for opaque prints. Choose from XOLB or PERM white inks, depending upon substrate and application. 

XOLB Low Bleed White Inks

XOLB inks are designed to create extremely opaque with excellent mat-down characteristics, creating the perfect flat base plate and producing prints with outstanding coverage

Perma White Ink

PERM-170 is a low-bleed ink formulated to fight bleed and dye migration when printing onto polyester and poly blend substrates

Ink Types

Stand-Alone Opaque White Inks

Low Bleed White Inks

White Base Inks

Fast-Flash White Inks

QCM Color Card

QCM Color Card

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