Readily available pre-mixed inks

QCM offers a wide palette of ready to use plastisol color inks in stock and available readily. These inks are offered in the WOW and XOLB series.

WOW Wet-on-Wet Inks

WOW is a non-phthalate, high-opacity, low build-up ink line, designed specifically for wet-on-wet printing. These inks are ideal for higher-volume print jobs, allowing for longer press runs, fewer interruptions, minimal screen blockage, fewer misprints and reduced need for cleaning.

XOLB Extra Opaque, Low Bleed Inks

XOLB inks are high-opacity, multi-purpose inks that are designed to produce extremely opaque prints, yet are very easy to print on a manual press. The smooth, creamy consistency leaves an even, uniform print on white flash bases and can be opaque on black without a white surface, and contain clean, bright pigments. Fast flash speeds allow for shorter dwell times and faster production output to increase efficiencies.

Ink Types

Wet-on-Wet Inks

Extra-Opaque, Low Bleed Inks

QCM Color Card

QCM Color Card

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