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Wilflex™ offers a broad portfolio of color, white and specialty screen printing inks.

Wilflex™ screen printing inks are more than just textile inks. Wilflex focuses on total ink-room management, providing an efficient, cost-effective environment possible to help you win in competitive marketplaces.

The Brand

Wilflex™ Screen Printing Inks are more than just textile inks. Wilflex focuses on total ink-room management, providing the most efficient, cost-effective environment possible to help you win in competitive marketplaces.

The Wilflex brand of inks emerged in the early 1960s as screen printing on t-shirts gained popularity for self-expression allowing the Wilflex brand to gain global recognition. Wilflex continued to make history twenty years later when it provided design freedom allowing hundreds of color options with the introduction of the first plastisol mixing system. Another first for the textile printing industry was the introduction of automated ink dispensing equipment in the early 1990s. The Wilflex DispenseMaster™ continues to excel in the global market by providing efficiency-driven and automated solutions in today’s leading print shops. Ink room solutions now also include IMS3.0, a cloud-based software providing formula and inventory management for the entire family of PANTONE® approved Wilflex color mixing systems.

Our distribution footprint covers 55 countries across the globe supporting our wide range of Wilflex ink chemistries.

inks of different colors
Robust color system

Every day, printers around the world count on Wilflex Color Systems to help them save time and money throughout the production process

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Broad portfolio

White inks, color mixing systems, off-the-shelf colors, polyester solutions, special effects, transfer inks and additives form this broad Wilflex portfolio

screenshot of ims 3.0
IMS 3.0 Formulation software support

Integrates with our cloud-based solution for managing color and inventory in the textile screen printing market


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Focus on innovation

Trends are hard to predict, but one thing for certain, screen printers depend on Wilflex 


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Our Inks

Wilflex Low Cure Plastisol Inks

Blocker, white, color mixing system and special effect low cure inks

Wilflex Epic Standard Plastisol Inks

Plastisol color mixing systems, premixed colors, white and transfer inks

Wilflex Epic Color Solutions

Simple, cost-effective solutions designed to achieve Pantone® simulations

Wilflex Epic Transfer Inks

Range of products designed to maximize creativity and productivity for hot split, hot peel and cold peel transfers

Wilflex Originals Collection

Collection of printed designs, created through collaboration between independent designers, printers and Avient