Black Inks

Black inks are a staple for screen print shops. Wilflex™ offers a range of ready-for-use black inks for different applications and garments. Choose from high-performance black inks designed for polyester printing to general-purpose inks for cotton and blends.

Epic™ Matte Black

Print black inks that produces a very low gloss surface appearance

Epic™ Rival Sport™ Black

Flexible cure black ink that delivers maximum coverage with the fewest strokes 

Epic™ Rio™ RFU Black Diamond

Flexible cure black ink that offers superior opacity and wet-on-wet printing capabilities

Epic™ One-Step Nylon Black

Flexible cure black ink created for printing on untreated nylon substances


Inks designed for specific garments


Good wash durability

Resistant to build-up


Wilflex Epic Matte Black 19000PFX PIB

Wilflex Epic Matte Black 19000PFX product information bulletin

Wilflex™ Epic One-Step Nylon PIB

Wilflex™ Epic One-Step Nylon Base 19930PFXOSN product information bulletin

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