Flexible Cure Athletic Colors

Wilflex™ Epic™ Rival Sport™ inks consist of 22 low bleed, flexible cure colors that deliver superior on-press performance and exceptional print results. Rival Sport colors print through a wide range of meshes and excel on automatic or manual presses. Now with improved technology and softer hand, Wilflex Epic Rival Sport colors can help users achieve their athletic printing goals and win with customers. 

Flexible Cure Technology

Cure as low as 250°F-300°F (121°C-148°C), compared to the 320°F (160°C) cure temperature of standard inks

Maximum Coverage

Deliver maximum coverage with the fewest strokes when printing directly onto fabric or over an underbase

Enhanced Bleed Protection

Achieve excellent bleed protection and minimize risk of dye migration

Repeatable Color Accuracy

Attain better color accuracy across a wide range of substrates using both a print-flash-print and an underbase technique


22 Athletic Colors

Flexible Cure Portfolio

Low Bleed Technology


Wilflex Epic Rival Sport Color Card

Wilflex Epic Rival Sport Color Card

Wilflex Epic Rival Sport Colors PIB

Wilflex Epic Rival Sport Colors PIB

Wilflex Product Selection Guide

Wilflex Product Selection Guide