The Wilflex™ Epic Equalizer Color System is comprised of 15 non-phthalate, inter-mixable balanced colorants and a Wilflex base. 

Equalizer color matching enables printers to produce Pantone® simulations in an easy-to-use system. Create high production, wet-on-wet printing with a matte finish and excellent crock resistance. 

Equalizers Color System are supported by IMS Software, are Pantone approved and can be accurately matched to the color required for your design.


Epic Equalizer PC White

Very strong white dispersion with high brightness level to help build opacity  

Epic Equalizer PC Maroon

Very strong blue shade red dispersion, perfect for creating maroons or burgundy colors requiring a blue undertone

Epic Equalizer PC Magenta

Strong, clean magenta with a blue undertone, excellent performance properties and high tint strength

Epic Equalizer PC Violet

Blue shade violet exhibits outstanding performance properties and high tint strength

Epic Equalizer PC Blue

General-purpose strong green-shade blue; excellent performance properties

Epic Equalizer PC Green

Very strong blue-shade green dispersion; high tint value

Epic Equalizer PC Yellow

Bright, clean yellow shade with slight green undertone; high tint value

Epic Equalizer PC Velvet Black

Universal black that exhibits a brown undertone; can be made bluer with small amount of Marine Blue

Epic Equalizer PC Bright Orange

Opaque, very strong orange dispersion with a blue shade red undertone

Epic Equalizer PC Marine

Strong, clean blue dispersion with a slight red undertone to create clean blues with little opacity

Epic Equalizer PC Bright Blue

Very strong, red-shade blue dispersion, and is excellent for making intense or opaque royal or red-shade navy

Epic Equalizer PC Fluorescent Pink

Bright, transparent pink, and is very weak in color with a blue undertone

Epic Equalizer PC Fluorescent Red

Very bright, transparent red, and is used to brighten red and orange shades

Epic Equalizer PC Fluorescent Purple

Bright, transparent purple-shade with a reddish-blue undertone, and is used to achieve difficult purple and magenta colors

Epic Equalizer PC Fluorescent Blue

Bright, transparent blue with a green undertone

Epic Equalizer PC Fluorescent Yellow

Very bright, transparent yellow dispersion with green undertone


Wilflex™ Equalizer Color Matching PIB

Wilflex™ Equalizer Color Matching product information bulletin

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