Finished Ink Mixing System

Wilflex™ Color System MX is a simple finished ink system that allows access to simulations of the entire Pantone® spectrum with just 15 inter-mixable colors.

Wilflex Color System MX Mixing colors are single pigments offering a balance of color, accuracy, and printability and features base chemistry that provides a matte surface finish and is optimized for wet-on-wet printing.

The Wilflex Color System MX Color System is supported by IMS Software, available for a standardized color matching process and is Pantone-approved for accuracy.

Epic PF Mixing White

Strong mixing white

Epic PF Black

Strong general purpose black with a bluish tint

Epic PF Orange

Opaque red shade orange with a slight blue undertone

Epic PF Red NM
Epic PF Red

Very strong blue shade red, with a very blue tint and not clean, and is used to create maroon and burgundy colors requiring a blue undertone

Epic PF Magenta

Strong, clean magenta with blue undertone.  Excellent for making fucshias and rhodamine colors

Epic PF Violet

Very strong blue-shade purple; its color and tinting strength produce effective color with small amounts and is excellent for opaque purples and royals

Epic PF Marine

Strong, clean blue with slight red undertone

Epic PF Blue

Strong green-shade blue which is used in blue, turquoise and aqua colors

Epic PF Green

Very strong blue-shade green which is excellent for creating turquoise and aqua colors (when making bright or yellow-shade green inks, blend with 88888MX Yellow)

Epic PF Yellow NM
Epic PF Yellow

Bright, transparent yellow with green undertone with a very clean in mass tone and tint

Epic PF Fluorescent Pink

Bright, transparent pink with a very weak in color and blue undertone

Epic PF Fluorescent Red

Very bright, transparent red which is used to brighten red and orange shades

Epic PF Fluorescent Purple

Bright, transparent purple-shade with a reddish-blue undertone, and is used to achieve difficult purple and magenta colors

Epic PF Fluorescent Blue

Bright, transparent blue with a green undertone

Epic PF Fluorescent Yellow

Very bright, transparent yellow dispersion with green undertone


15 Interchangeable Colors

Single pigments

Balance of color, accuracy, and printability


Wilflex™ Epic™ MX Color Matching

Wilflex™ Epic™ MX Color Matching

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