Proper Pigments

Proper pigments are combined with Wilflex™ Mixing Bases to create these finished PC colorant inks.

PCs are always printed with the addition of a mixing base or clear carrier and ensure delivery of quality products that are consistent, predictable and repeatable. 

Epic Extra White PC

Very strong white dispersion, which is used for high opacity colors

Epic Maroon PC

Very strong maroon dispersion, and is used to create maroon or burgundy colors, requiring a blue undertone   

Epic Magenta PC

Strong, clean magenta with a blue undertone with excellent performance properties and high tint strength

Epic Violet PC

Very strong blue-shade purple dispersion, with its color and tinting strength producing effective color with small amounts, and is excellent for opaque purples and royals

Epic Blue PC

Strong green-shade blue dispersion, and is used in blue, turquoise and aqua inks

Epic Green PC

Very strong blue-shade green dispersion

Epic Bright Yellow PC

Bright, transparent yellow with very clean in masstone and tint

Epic Velvet Black PC

Strong black dispersion with a bluish tint, and is used to make blue-tinted grays and as a general-purpose black PC

Epic Bright Orange PC

Opaque red-shade orange dispersion with a creamy texture to make it easy to mix into any base

Epic Marine Blue PC

Clean blue dispersion with a slight red undertone

Epic Electron Yellow PC

Bright, transparent fluorescent yellow dispersion with a weak green undertone

Epic Electron Blue PC

Bright, transparent blue fluorescent dispersion with a green undertone

Epic Electron Red PC

Bright, transparent red fluorescent dispersion

Epic Fluorescent Pink PC

Bright, transparent pink fluorescent with blue undertone

Epic Fluorescent Purple PC

Bright, transparent fluorescent purple dispersion, red shade blue undertone





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