17 Intermixable Colors

Wilflex™ Epic™ MX Color Mixing System is an easy-to-mix color mixing system with 17 translucent to semi-opaque intermixable colors. These Pantone®-simulated colors are developed for high production with a matte finish. 

Wilflex mixing inks are available for use on IMS 3.0, Avient Specialty Inks' proprietary color formulation software. IMS manages daily maneuvers in a highly functional ink room by providing color management and communication agility, offering tools for color creation and standardizing. 



17 Interchangeable Colors

Single pigments

Balance of color, accuracy, and printability

Wet-on-wet printing


Wilflex™ Epic™ MX Color Matching PIB

Wilflex™ Epic™ MX Color Matching PIB

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