Wilflex™ Epic Rio

Wilflex™ Epic™ Rio is the latest non-phthalate color mixing system from Wilflex, and it’s been designed with the latest pigment technology for optimum color strength.

Pantone® identified Wilflex Epic Rio inks boast an extended color range of 18 finished ink mixing components. Together, these provide a perfect balance of color accuracy, vibrancy and opacity for peak press performance and color design.

For guidance on color mixing, go to www.wilflex.com/IMS. Register and download our Ink Management Software application, then select the Wilflex Epic Rio color system in the upper right corner. All Pantone® identified formulas can be found here.

Are you on a mission to wipe out too-thick and dull colors? See what Wilflex Epic Rio can do for your prints.


Wilflex Epic Rio Mixing White

Very strong mixing white with higher loading for increased opacity

Wilflex Epic Rio Deep Black

Strong bright general purpose black

Wilflex Epic Rio Blaze Orange

Strong orange and red undertone

Wilflex Epic Rio Red

High performing, bright red with optimum durability to pass crock test

Wilflex Epic Rio Barberry Maroon

Strong red with strong blue undertone used to create maroon and burgundy colors requiring blue undertones

Wilflex Epic Rio Majestic Magenta

Strong, clean magenta with blue undertone which is excellent for making fuchsias and rhodamine colors

Wilflex Epic Rio Deep Violet

Very strong purple with a blue undertone

Wilflex Epic Rio Midnight Blue

Strong blue with red undertone

Wilflex Epic Rio Aquamarine

Clean blue with a slight red undertone

Wilflex Epic Rio Indigo Blue

Strong blue with a green undertone

Wilflex Epic Rio Forest Green

Very strong green with a blue undertone

Wilflex Epic Rio Sunshine Yellow

Bright, transparent yellow with green undertone with a very clean mass tone and tint

Wilflex Epic Rio Golden Yellow

Bright, strong yellow with a red undertone

Wilflex Epic Rio Electric Yellow

Very bright, transparent yellow with a green undertone

Wilflex Epic Rio Electric Blue

Bright, transparent blue with a green undertone

Wilflex Epic Rio Electric Purple

Bright, transparent purple with a reddish-blue undertone.  Used to brighten and clean purple and magenta colors

Wilflex Epic Rio Electric Red

Very bright, transparent red which is used to brighten and clean red and orange colors

Wilflex Epic Rio Electric Pink

Bright, transparent pink with a blue undertone


Vibrant, Accurate colors

Maximum Opacity

Low cure, Save energy

Simple to mix, Easy to print


Wilflex Epic Rio Finished Ink Mixing System (English) - Color Card

Easy-to-use, easy-to-mix color matching system with 18 inter-mixable colors

Wilflex Wet-on-Wet Printing Tips (English) - Processing Guide

Wilflex™ best practices for wet-on-wet printing, including artwork, screens, ink and print parameters (English language version)

Wilflex™ Epic Rio Standard Colors PIB (English)

Wilflex™ Epic Rio product information bulletin (English)

Wilflex™ Epic Rio Color Matching - PIB

Wilflex Epic Rio product information bulletin

Wilflex™ Epic Rio - Product Bulletin (English)

Non-phthalate ink mixing system for textile printing

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