Digital hybrid

Zodiac™ Aquarius™ Digital Hybrid Ink System is designed to provide a smooth, receptive underbase for digital inks. Hybrid printers can achieve vibrant color yield, high definition prints with soft flexible hand and excellent wash performance.

Zodiac Aquarius Digital Hybrid White ink is used as an underbase for digital hybrid printing systems on dark backgrounds. Zodiac Aquarius Digital Matte Clear ink, can be used as a tie coat or a top coat ensuring printers achieve soft hand, matte finish prints with excellent stretch properties and wash durability.

Main Application

White underbase and matte clear coat for use with Digital Hybrid systems

Pigment Loading


Mesh Count

White: 110-160 t/in (43-64 t/cm)
Matte Clear: 230-280 t/in (90-110 t/cm)


Vibrant color yield

High definition digital prints

Matte finish

Excellent wash performance


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