Special effects

Zodiac™ Aquarius™ special effect inks are ready-to-use and can enhance and differentiate printed designs. The special effect range includes reflective, pearlescent, and metallic, brittle, suede and more. Used in combination with Aquarius™ standard water-based inks to breathe life into print designs.

Brittle Base

For pull-to-crack or distressed effects that can be colored with up to 6% Aquarius pigments

Foil Binder

Thermoplastic foil adhesive for soft-hand, high shine foil effects

Metallic Range

High shine, ready-to-use metallic silver and gold effect inks

Particle Base

Particle base for use with up to 15% glitter particle designed to produce bright prints with soft hand

Pearl Range

Gold, silver and a neutral pearl ready-to-use base that can be colored with up to 6% Aquarius pigments

Puff Base

Puff effect for raised, textured prints that can be printed up to 6% with Aquarius pigments

Reflective Range

Silver and clear ready-to-use reflective inks

Soft Density

Clear bases used to produce soft, raised textured effects 

Suede Base

Soft-hand suede base designed to provide smooth velvety textures or expanding foam effects


Extensive range of effects available

Meets compliance requirements

Ready to use effects

Compatible with other Aquarius products


Zodiac Aquarius Product Information Bulletins

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Zodiac Aquarius Color Card

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