Ready-for-Use inks

Zodiac™ Libra™ silicone ready-for-use (RFU) athletic ink colors and toners provide a standard set of 27 colors that have been pre-matched for accuracy. Black and white ready-for-use (RFU) inks designed for direct application, providing great stretch and flexibility.


Reduces need to match colors

Achieves high stretch for print durability

Maintains opacity on athletic garments


Zodiac Libra Product Information Bulletins

Access our Zodiac product information bulletins for recommended printing parameters and tips

Color Management: IMS 3.0

Access the IMS 3.0 Ink Management Software by Avient Specialty Inks

IMS 3.0 for Zodiac Inks - User Guide

Installation, getting started, interfaces and settings guide for Zodiac inks on IMS 3.0

Zodiac™ Libra™ Color Card

Download our color card to learn more about the pigment concentrate product range and available colors

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