Achieve Desired Effects

Zodiac™ Taurus™ modifiers and additives can help you achieve your desired final look by providing excellent abrasion resistance, toughness of ink film, and textured suede or high density (3D) effect. 

Main Application

Non-PVC modifiers and additives aid in adjusting the Taurus inks to your specific printing needs.

Flash Time and Temperature

Flash for 4-6 seconds or less on hot pallets that are at least above 120°F (49°C).

Mesh Count

Consult product information brochure for specific additive.


Thickeners, thinners, and matte additives

Improved abrasion resistance and toughness of ink film

Amazing effect additives to achieve textured suede or high density (3D) effect


Zodiac Taurus Product Information Bulletins

Access our Zodiac product information bulletins for recommended printing parameters and tips

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