14 Ready-for-Use Mixing Inks

Zodiac™ Taurus™ ready-for-use mixing inks come in a palette of 14. These inks even include four fluorescent and metallic inks. When mixing the RFU mixing primaries plus an extender base together, Pantone colors are stimulated quickly and accurately.

Main Application

Non-PVC ready-for-use screen printing inks that achieve Pantone colors

Flash Time and Temperature

Flash for 4-6 seconds or less on hot pallets that are at least above 120°F (49°C).

Mesh Count

Recommended mesh count of 83-305 t/in (32-120 t/cm).


14 Ready-For-Use mixing inks

Includes fluorescents and standard colors

Achieve Pantone® colors quickly and accurately


Zodiac Libra - Restricted Substances List

Libra compliance document with listing of restricted substances

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