Bio-Derived Screen Printing Inks

Created with over 50% bio-derived content, Wilflex™ Revive™ Bio Plastisol inks offer an innovative way for screen printers to achieve their sustainability goals without compromising performance.

These bio-based inks promote reducing screen printers' reliance on fossil-fuel based inks while maintaining the on-press performance of a typical plastisol. Wilflex Revive inks are compatible with Wilflex™ Epic™ PC Express Color Mixing System and can be mixed to thousands of Pantone® shades using IMS 3.0, Avient Specialty Inks' proprietary color formulation software. 


Over 50% bio-derived content

Super soft hand feel

Excellent wash durability

Compatible with IMS 3.0


Wilflex™ Revive™ Bio Plastisol Inks Bulletin

Wilflex™ Revive™ White Ink PIB

Wilflex™ Revive™ White Ink Product Information Bulletin

Wilflex™ Revive™ Mixing Base PIB