Bases that are anything but basic

Rutland offers a variety of plastisol ink bases. From inks designed to work with the Rutland C3 and M3 color systems, to extender bases for adapting finished inks, Rutland provides the tools to add special effects to color matches or improve bleed resistance.

Barrier Bases (Blocking Base)

To prevent dye migration, choose the appropriate dye blocking base. Rutland offers a selection of bleed blocking products that offer excellent bleed resistance on 100% Polyester. 

Chino Base/ Reducer

Chino base offers a super soft vintage tee style effect. Water color and faded color styles are achievable with Chino base. Add to finished inks to extend the ink and improve printability on higher meshes. It can be used to produce extremely soft Sepia Tone or Tone-on-Tone prints, or as a reducer.

HO Matte Base

HO Matte base provides a high opacity base with a matte finish for use with Rutland C3 color boosters. 

Natural Base

Extend and soften your M3 finished ink colors with Natural base. 

Opaque Chino Base

Opaque Chino Base gives you the ability to print subdued, vintage tee-shirt style prints on dark fabrics. 

VO Base

Rutland Very Opaque Base works well as a low-tack, wet-on-wet high opacity base for creating colors on dark garments. This base has a semi-gloss finish and creamy viscosity. 


Rutland EV EV0541 Opaque Base PIB

Rutland EV Opaque Base EV0541 product information bulletin

Rutland NPT Barrier Base PIB

Rutland NPT Barrier Base ES0266 product information bulletin

Rutland NPT Chino Base / Reducer PIB

Rutland NPT Chino Base / Reducer ES0250 product information bulletin

Rutland NPT EH0245 Opaque Chino Base PIB

Rutland NPT EH0245 Opaque Chino Base PIB

Rutland EH0542 NPT HO Matte Base PIB

Rutland NPT HO Matte Base EH0542 product information bulletin

Rutland NPT M30063 Natural Base M3 PIB

Rutland NPT Natural Base M3 M30063 product information bulletin

Rutland NPT VO Base PIB

Rutland NPT VO Base EH0540 product information bulletin

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