White Inks for a Variety of Uses

Printers know white inks are arguably the most important ink in a print shop. An ever-changing and diverse selection of garment blends and styles means that printers are constantly working to find solutions for customer printing needs. Rutland offers a world-class selection of easy-to-print whites in different finishes, opacities, fabric applications, curing and storage temperatures. Rutland white inks answer the call and can be used as under bases for complex printing jobs, or as stand-alone white inks. No matter what the application or environment, Rutland has an appropriate white ink.

White Inks by Substrate


Silky Cotton – Rutland Silky Cotton white is a premium cotton white ink. It has a superb hand, excellent fiber mat down and great printability. This ink can be printed through very high mesh counts, which makes this an ideal cotton white for high detail, fine line printing. It is a brighter cotton white, so it can also perform as an under base or stand-alone white ink.

SF-2 Cotton – Rutland SF-2 Cotton White is an excellent all-around cotton white ink suited for general use. It has a great value-to-performance ratio, ideal for the vast majority of printing. This ink is opaque and provides very good matt down, hand and color, making it the preferred cotton white for most Rutland users. It can also perform well as an under base or stand-alone white ink.


Blends - Low Bleed

Premier LB White – Rutland Premier LB White ink was designed as a premium low-bleed white ink. It was formulated to provide desirable characteristics, including excellent printability through a wide variety of mesh counts, creamy consistency directly from the bucket, great white tint, very soft hand, fast flash and minimal after-flash tack. This ink is ideal for fine detail printing, has very good bleed resistance for 50/50 cotton/ polyester applications, very good mat dawn, making it a great white ink to produce smooth underbases and very bright stand-alone whites. It may also be suitable for high volume printing. 

SF2 LB (Street Fighter) White – Rutland SF2 LB (Street Fighter) White is a trusted all-around low bleed white ink designed to be used in a variety of settings. It has a great value-to-performance ratio, ideal for the vast majority of printing. This white actually presents many of the characteristics of the Rutland Premier LB White, but in ink form that has a different body, without compromising hand, and may provide enhanced performance for certain 50/50 Cotton fabrics. It has excellent opacity and very good mat down, offers fast flash with minimal after-flash tack and is well-suited for use as an under base or stand-alone white. 

Peak LB White – Rutland Peak LB White low bleed white ink is a softer alternative to the Rutland SF2 LB White, offering a mixture of characteristics from the Premier LB White and SF2 LB White. It is an ideal white ink used to print on finer, light weight fabrics.

Tidy LB White  Rutland Tidy LB White is a shorter viscosity white ink, which provides a different and very specific hand that accommodates specific fabrics and print jobs, providing good mat down and a slick finish. This white is well suited to print onto a variety of 50/50 fabrics that have more density, however, it is a versatile white which can be printed on different 50/50 fabric thicknesses and textures. It contains the characteristics of very good low bleed white inks: great opacity, slick hand, very good flash time, good mat down and performs well as under base or standalone white ink.  

Snap  Rutland Snap white was designed with a heavier body, which allows for highly opaque prints with a very bright white finish. It is great to print onto heavier fabrics and is preferred for printers of 20 single 50/50 fabrics. It has excellent opacity and mat down, and is a great under base to produce white prints. The printability is very good through lower mesh counts, and although it is not designed to produce light soft hand prints, printers can achieve very attractive and durable slick finishes. 



Super Poly White – Rutland Super Poly White is Rutland’s flagship white ink. It is the ideal polyester white ink for applications on substrates made with a high content of Polyester fibers or 100% Polyester fabrics and is designed to hold the sublimation on prints cured at 320℉. Because of its complex chemistry, this white presents a different body and texture, providing a very opaque print, with very good matte down, and maintains viscosity well throughout the production run to maintain its bleed resistance. It is a very bright white and works very well as an under base and stand-alone white ink.  

Endurance Plus  The Rutland Endurance Plus ink line was formulated to cure between 280℉ and 290℉. These inks were designed to provide a lighter, softer and more malleable solution to print onto lighter, elastic, fabrics, or onto delicate fabrics that may be damaged if cured at higher temperatures. The Endurance Plus line offers a barrier base and a mixing base. 


A specific white ink solution designed for performance and printing requirements

Versatile white ink to reduce the need for multiple inks

High performance and easy to print

Standard cure and low cure


Rutland NPT Silky Cotton White PIB

Rutland NPT Silky Cotton White EH9020 product information bulletin

Rutland NPT SF-2 Street Fighter White LB PIB

Rutland NPT SF-2 LB (Street Fighter) White EL9073 product information bulletin

Rutland NPT SF-2 Street Fighter Cotton White PIB

Rutland NPT SF-2 (Street Fighter) Cotton White EH9072 product information bulletin

Rutland NPT Market White PIB

Rutland NPT Market White EH9062 product information bulletin

Rutland Cotton White PIB

Rutland Cotton White EH9028 product information bulletin

Rutland NPT Chino White PIB

Rutland NPT Chino White EH9056 product information bulletin

Rutland Peak White LB PIB

Rutland Peak LB White EL9050 product information bulletin

Rutland Premier White LB PIB

Rutland Premier LB White EL9065 product information bulletin

Rutland NPT Maximum White PIB

Rutland NPT Maximum White EL9230 product information bulletin

Rutland NPT Snap White PIB

Rutland NPT Snap White EL9240 product information bulletin

Rutland Endurance Plus White PIB

Rutland Endurance Plus White EL9755 product information bulletin

Rutland NPT Super Poly White PIB

Rutland NPT Super Poly White EL9746 product information bulletin

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