Rutland™ Ready-for Use Plastisol Ink

Rutland™ maintains an extensive palette of ready to use non-phthalate plastisol color inks, available in two series: EH – High Opacity and EL – HO Low Bleed series. 

Rutland EH High Opacity Series

Rutland EH series high-opacity inks are formulated as ready for use plastisol colors for printing on 100% cotton or light color 50/50 blends.

Rutland EL – HO Low Bleed Series

Rutland EL, HO, LB, and RFU inks are formulated as press-ready plastisol inks for printing on Polyester and Cotton/Polyester blends. These inks provide good bleed resistance and brilliant colors when printed through lower mesh ranges or over a Low Bleed or migration blocking product.

Ready for use directly from the bucket

High opacity

Low bleed

Rutland Product Information Bulletins

Rutland PIBs

Rutland Standard Color Card EMEA - Interactive

Rutland color card of standard colors and mixing systems for EMEA

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