Adaptive Color Matching System

The Union Ink™ Maxopake™ Color Matching System is a highly opaque, creamy, and adaptive color mixing system created for simulating Pantone® colors on colored garments. This versatile finished ink mixing system offers 15 standard and 8 neon ready-for-use colors for your custom screen printing projects. 

Maxopake allows printers to create color matches that can be print - flash - printed without using an underbase. When printing on lighter colors, over an underbase, or for subdued vintage prints, adapt Mixopake with the MIXE9070 extender base. To create color matches in Plasticharge, combine one-for-one to activated Plasticharge additive. 


Ideal for dark garments when an under base is not present

Combine with Plasticharge additive to create hybrid discharge color matches

Can be reduced 1:1 to extend ink when printing on an under base

Easy to use


Union Ink Master Color Card

Union Ink Master Color Card for Screen Printing Ink

Union Ink EF Mixopake Extender Base MIXE9090 PIB

Union Ink EF Mixopake Extender Base MIXE9090 product information bulletin

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