Low Cure, Low Bleed Inks

With the continued growth of polyester and blended fabrics, screen printers face many challenges choosing the right inks to print— including overcoming dye migration and getting a softer hand of the print. The dyes used in most polyester fabrics can migrate into the printed area when cured at normal (320°F/160°C) temperatures resulting in quality issues with printed goods being possibly returned or even scrapped. Standard plastisol inks also impart a heavy hand that does not correlate with the fashion-forward softer fabrics.

These inks are formulated to cure at a lower temperature to lower energy consumption, prevent shrinkage of heat-sensitive fabrics, and minimize dye migration, even on fabrics prone to bleed. The inks are creamy in texture, enabling faster printing, and provide a softer hand than standard-curing plastisol inks. Combine these attributes with the low ghosting, better mat down and high opacity printing, and printers have another option to solve common ink/substrate printing issues.

Union Ink Sport LC Inks

Low cure plastisol color and barrier inks with bleed blocking properties


Wide curing profile between 270°F - 320°F (132℃ - 160℃)

Prevents dye migration

Reduces energy consumption

Reduces production floor temperatures


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