Low Cure, Low Bleed Inks

With the continued growth of polyester and blended fabrics, screen printers may face challenges when choosing the right ink for each garment type, including overcoming dye migration and achieving a softer hand-feel. The dyes used in most polyester fabrics can migrate into printed ink surfaces when cured at the standard (320℉/160℃) temperatures, resulting in discolored prints.

These inks are formulated to cure at a lower temperature to minimize the opportunity for dye-migration, while also lowering energy consumption, lowering production space temperatures, and preventing shrinkage of heat-sensitive fabrics. This an ideal ink for use on garments that are prone to bleed. 

The new and improved Union Ink UPLC inks are creamy with improved printability, offering a softer hand and a matte finish with an improved fiber mat-down. They also afford finer control when printing onto unpredictable fabrics.

Union Ink UPLC low bleed inks are created for cotton/poly blends as well as 100% polyester. This series offers multiple under base options including Grey Blocker for faster flashing, Black Blocker for dye sublimated garments, UPLC1071 Poly-White for use on 100% polyester with excellent bleed resistance, UPLC1076 Frosty Poly-White, a low cure white ink with excellent coverage and dye blocking abilities for a wide range of fabrics, including polypropylene and Rayon with a curing profile as low as 250℉ (121℉), and UPLC1073 Low Cure Low Bleed Polar White created for use on cotton/poly blends with an excellent mat down.

Additionally, UPLC Low Bleed Sport Victory Colors are comprised of 23 low cure color inks approved by BSN Sports™ as part of their Core 24 product portfolio. These colors offer excellent bleed resistance, opacity, and coverage with a broad curing profile.

This flexible temperature range/high opacity series allows printers to lower dryer temperatures when the dye instability of the garment demands it, and affords the option to cure at standard temperatures when sharing a belt with garments coming off of other presses. 

Introducing UPLC Unimix, a new flexible cure finished ink mixing system that produces Pantone®-simulated colors. UPLC Unimix contains 15 versatile components that create highly opaque, bright colors.


Wide curing profile between 250°F - 320°F (121℃ - 160℃)

Prevents dye migration

Reduces energy consumption

Reduces production floor temperatures


Union Ink UPLC Low Bleed Sport Victory Colors PIB (English)

Union Ink UPLC Low Bleed Sport Victory Colors PIB (English)

Union Ink UPLC Gen 2 Low Cure Barrier Grey and Black PIB (English)

Union Ink Gen 2 Low Cure UPLC1550 Barrier Grey and UPLC8550 Barrier Black product information bulletins

Union Ink UPLC1076 Frosty Poly-White PIB (English)

Union Ink UPLC1076 Frosty Poly-White PIB (English)

Union Ink UPLC1073 Gen 2 Sport LC LB Polar White (English)

Union Ink UPLC1073 Gen 2 Sport LC LB Polar White product information bulletin

Union Ink UPLC1071 Poly-White PIB (English)

Union Ink UPLC1071 Poly-White product information bulletin

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