Printing on Polyester and Performance Apparel

Let Wilflex take the guesswork out of printing on today’s challenging substrates and provide you with an innovative solution to your printing needs. Wilflex has multiple ink solutions designed to effectively print on substrates prone to dye migration.

Choosing the right ink for your substrate requires an understanding of the fiber content, temperature capabilities and design considerations. Many synthetic blends and fibers on the market today require new application and processing techniques. Our new EPIC White LC series is targeted to address one of the major challenges in the growing polyester and synthetic printing market: Minimize cure temperature to maximize bleed resistance.   

Selecting Wilflex bleed blockers is another way to battle the bleed. These products are used as an under base to create an effective barrier against dye migration. Appropriate mesh counts and emulsion thickness will also contribute to the effectiveness of fighting the bleed. Lastly, monitor your ovens and flash cure units to ensure you are achieving cure temperature. Avoid excessive heat and minimize temperature spikes for best results.

Top Score Series

Top Score inks are perfect for decoration onto team sports apparel. These are ideal for traditional athletic prints with a soft matte finish. Inks include off-the-shelf-colors, black, white and mixing bases, and cure at 300℉/150℃.

Performance Series

Bleed resistance and stretch are game-changers for performance wear. Inks include black, white, gold and mixing bases, and cure at 290℉/143℃.

Bleed Blocker Under Bases

An under base gray formulated as a barrier to aggressive migratory dyes and used as a first down screen. Inks include performance and standard, and are designed to cure between 290℉/143℃ and 320℉/160℃. 


PolyWhite is a stand-alone polyester white. Inks are designed to cure at 300℉/150℃


Prevents dye migration

Able to cure as low as 290℉/143℃


Wilflex Flex Cure Portfolio - Product Bulletin (English)

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