Flexible Curing Inks

Rutland™ Chill flexible-curing inks are ready for use screen printing inks that cure as low as 270°F or up to as high as 320°F. This series consists of an under base bleed blocking barrier ink, a mixing base and 4 white inks that can be printed alone or as an underbase.

Rutland Chill LC Poly White
LC9800 Chill LC Poly White is a flexible temperature cure ink for 100% poly fabrics. When printing on fabrics that exhibit unstable dyes, this ink allows you to drop the cure temperature as low as 270°F/132°C offering you better dye migration control and lowering energy consumption costs. 

Rutland Chill LC Tidy White
LC9804 Chill LC Tidy White is a high opacity, soft, creamy low bleed and low cure white ink that delivers superior printability over a range of garments.

Rutland Chill LC Cotton White
LC9802 Chill LC Cotton White is an optically brightened high opacity, high coverage, ink for 100% Cotton that is a great choice for vector and halftones. 

Rutland Chill LC Cotton Colors
17 bright, easy-to-print, ready-for-use colors that provide great printability and wet-on-wet capabilities on manual or automatic presses. 

Rutland Chill LC Barrier Grey
LC0550 Chill LC Barrier Grey is an under base product designed to block unstable garment dyes from migrating into a Chill top white or Chill top colors on the very worst dyed fabrics or poly garments.

Rutland Chill LC LB Mixing Base
LC0209 Chill LC LB Mixing base offers durable athletic prints at a lower cure temp using Rutland C3 pigments.

Rutland Chill LC Cotton Mixing Base 

LC0540 Chill LC Cotton Mixing Base is formulated as a press-ready, flexible cure base for mixing colors using C3 Color Boosters and printing on 100% cotton or over a Chill LC low bleed underlay when printing on poly/cotton blends. 

Rutland Chill LC Black
LC8000 Chill LC Black is press-ready black plastisol ink and a wide cure temperature range for printing on 100% Polyester Performance fabrics.

Rutland Chill LC Relax Extender
LC0000 Chill LC Relax Extender is a soft hand plastisol extender that is useful in softening color intensity without affecting viscosity. 

Rutland Chill Rutland Chill

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